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Sarah " The Facial Specialist"

   My name is Sarah Roman and I am a licensed professional Esthetician. I am experienced in and passionate about all things skincare and makeup artistry. I have 15 years of experience in the salon and spa setting here in Jacksonville and currently offer a wide range of esthetics services. My specialties include a variety of facials customized to address your individual skincare needs, high frequency microcurrent treatment facials, microdermabrasion, dermaplane, facial massage, back treatments, eyebrow shaping/waxing, facial and body waxing, makeup artistry / makeup application services and eyelash extensions application. The products that are used are top quality, clinical grade, vegan and cruelty free. I look forward to serving you!  

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Menus and Pricing for Esthetician Services


     *All products used during the services are top quality, clinical grade and vegan. Only the very best in plant-based skincare products will be utilized and in some cases, the products are fresh and handmade in small batches by your Esthetician. *     

    * A consultation with your Esthetician is conducted at the beginning of each service.     

    *All facials can also be offered as Body Treatments, or "Back Facials" (*applied to your back).     

$40 Classic 30 Minute Express Facial     

    •Designed to address your most important skincare concerns in an effective, relaxing and efficient treatment. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, a custom mask treatment followed by a hydrating treatment is what you experience. (Face & Neck Included)    

    **Add On A 10-minute Microdermabrasion      $10 

    **Add On A 10-minute High Frequency Microcurrent treatment      $10 

$60 Classic 60 Minute Custom Facial     

    •Receive a customized facial complete with soothing and multi-beneficial facial massage techniques. A double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (*if needed), a custom mask treatment with serum upgrade and deep hydration treatment are all yours.     

    (Face, Neck, Upper Chest & Shoulders Included)    

$70 Classic 60 Minute Custom Facial with Microdermabrasion OR with High Frequency Microcurrent Treatment     

    •All of the benefits of the 60 Minute Custom Facial PLUS either a Microdermabrasion treatment or High Frequency Microcurrent treatment (*as is described by / recommended for you by your Esthetician during a personal consultation. )     

$45 Customized Teen Facial (50 Minutes)    

    •Designed to address and correct the skincare issues and concerns of a teenage client. Achieve your best, healthiest skin and learn steps and tips to use during your at-home skincare routine.     


$25 Brows Shaping & Waxing (20 Minutes)    

    •Custom brow design / shaping that includes trimming and waxing to achieve your best brows. Add Tint for      $10 

$15 Brow Tint (*tint only)    

$15 Brows Touch-Up (10 Minutes)    

    •A quick, light clean up for the regular regrowth of those wild stray hairs.    

$30 Brows & Lip OR Chin (30 minutes)    

$40 Brows, Lip AND Chin (30 Minutes)    

$10 Lip (ONLY)    

$10 Chin (ONLY)    

$20 Both Underarms (ONLY)     

    (20 Minutes)    

$30 Arms (*both upper & lower portions) Add On the Underarms for      $8 

    (40 Minutes)     

$50 Legs (*both upper & lower portions)    

    (60 Minutes)    

$30 Lower OR Upper Legs (ONLY)    

    (45 Minutes)    

$50 Women's Torso (*Chest, Abdomen,  Belly & Your Back*)    

    (60 Minutes)    

$70 Men's Torso(*Chest, Abdomen, Belly & Your Back *)    


    (50 Minutes)    

$100 Women's Full Body Waxing (*includes brows & face*)    

    (2 Hours)    

$120 & Up (for excess hair)  Men's Full Body Waxing (*includes brows if desired *)    

    (2 hours)    


$70 Full Face Formal Makeup Application With A Mini Facial     

    •Includes a mini facial to properly prepare the skin for makeup application. This is the perfect service for special events, weddings, proms, photoshoots, etc. Full glamour, custom makeup that includes eyelash extensions application. (*Either cluster / individual lashes OR strip lashes)    

    (90 Minutes)     

$50 Full Face Formal Makeup Application     


    (60 Minutes)    

$35 Everyday Beauty Makeup Application     

    •Receive a beautifully natural and glowing makeup look. (*Does not include eyelash extensions or facial *)    

    (45 Minutes)    

$45 Professional Makeup Lesson    

    •Learn how to apply your own makeup like a pro! Get all of the proper steps, tips, tricks and product knowledge while getting your makeup done! Add On A Mini Facial for      $10 (*Does not include eyelash extensions or facial*)    

    (60 Minutes)    

$35 Cluster / Individual Eyelash Extensions Application (45 Minutes)     

$20 Strip Eyelashes Application    

    (30 Minutes)