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Sarah " The Facial Specialist"

   My name is Sarah Roman and I am a licensed professional Esthetician. I am experienced in and passionate about all things skincare and makeup artistry. I have 15 years of experience in the salon and spa setting here in Jacksonville and currently offer a wide range of esthetics services. My specialties include a variety of facials customized to address your individual skincare needs, high frequency microcurrent treatment facials, microdermabrasion, dermaplane, facial massage, back treatments, eyebrow shaping/waxing, facial and body waxing, makeup artistry / makeup application services and eyelash extensions application. The products that are used are top quality, clinical grade, vegan and cruelty free. I look forward to serving you!  


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Menus and Pricing for Esthetician Services


     *All products used during the services are top quality, clinical grade and vegan. Only the very best in plant-based skincare products will be utilized and in some cases, the products are fresh and handmade in small batches by your Esthetician. *     

    * A consultation with your Esthetician is conducted at the beginning of each service.     

    *All facials can also be offered as Body Treatments, or "Back Facials" (*applied to your back).     

$40 Classic 30 Minute Express Facial     

    •Designed to address your most important skincare concerns in an effective, relaxing and efficient treatment. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, a custom mask treatment followed by a hydrating treatment is what you experience. (Face & Neck Included)    

    **Add On A 10-minute Microdermabrasion      $10 

    **Add On A 10-minute High Frequency Microcurrent treatment      $10 

$60 Classic 60 Minute Custom Facial     

    •Receive a customized facial complete with soothing and multi-beneficial facial massage techniques. A double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (*if needed), a custom mask treatment with serum upgrade and deep hydration treatment are all yours.     

    (Face, Neck, Upper Chest & Shoulders Included)    

$70 Classic 60 Minute Custom Facial with Microdermabrasion OR with High Frequency Microcurrent Treatment     

    •All of the benefits of the 60 Minute Custom Facial PLUS either a Microdermabrasion treatment or High Frequency Microcurrent treatment (*as is described by / recommended for you by your Esthetician during a personal consultation. )     

$45 Customized Teen Facial (50 Minutes)    

    •Designed to address and correct the skincare issues and concerns of a teenage client. Achieve your best, healthiest skin and learn steps and tips to use during your at-home skincare routine.     


$25 Brows Shaping & Waxing (20 Minutes)    

    •Custom brow design / shaping that includes trimming and waxing to achieve your best brows. Add Tint for      $10 

$15 Brow Tint (*tint only)    

$15 Brows Touch-Up (10 Minutes)    

    •A quick, light clean up for the regular regrowth of those wild stray hairs.    

$30 Brows & Lip OR Chin (30 minutes)    

$40 Brows, Lip AND Chin (30 Minutes)    

$10 Lip (ONLY)    

$10 Chin (ONLY)    

$20 Both Underarms (ONLY)     

    (20 Minutes)    

$30 Arms (*both upper & lower portions) Add On the Underarms for      $8 

    (40 Minutes)     

$50 Legs (*both upper & lower portions)    

    (60 Minutes)    

$30 Lower OR Upper Legs (ONLY)    

    (45 Minutes)    

$50 Women's Torso (*Chest, Abdomen,  Belly & Your Back*)    

    (60 Minutes)    

$70 Men's Torso(*Chest, Abdomen, Belly & Your Back *)    


    (50 Minutes)    

$100 Women's Full Body Waxing (*includes brows & face*)    

    (2 Hours)    

$120 & Up (for excess hair)  Men's Full Body Waxing (*includes brows if desired *)    

    (2 hours)    


$70 Full Face Formal Makeup Application With A Mini Facial     

    •Includes a mini facial to properly prepare the skin for makeup application. This is the perfect service for special events, weddings, proms, photoshoots, etc. Full glamour, custom makeup.     

    (90 Minutes)     

$50 Full Face Formal Makeup Application     


    (60 Minutes)    

$35 Everyday Beauty Makeup Application     

    •Receive a beautifully natural and glowing makeup look. (*Does not include eyelash extensions or facial *)    

    (45 Minutes)    

$45 Professional Makeup Lesson    

    •Learn how to apply your own makeup like a pro! Get all of the proper steps, tips, tricks and product knowledge while getting your makeup done! Add On A Mini Facial for      $10 (*Does not include eyelash extensions or facial*)    

    (60 Minutes)